Designer Focus: The Inspiration Behind AKOSÉE

From travelling around all corners of the world, to sourcing expert workmanship and the finest fabrics, we hear from the head designer behind Akosée on where it all began…

THE DREAM… As I meet people along the way on this journey, many ask the story behind Akosée. New adventures in life mean new beginnings, and so this was how AKOSÉE was born; from the start of a new life chapter. Spending hours flicking over clothing websites such as Net-a-Porter, Polyvore and FarFetch fostered a love and appreciation of beautiful clothes. Who doesn’t love beautiful clothes, as frivolous as that sounds! Enrolling in a Diploma of Fashion Design and Technology was the start of a dream becoming a reality. The thrill of learning something new was a huge motivation and from there, the first AKOSÉE collection was created.

THE FIRST COLLECTION… was created for Azura Retreats - in the paradise that is the Benguerra Island, part of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. I created luxury pieces designed to prepare you for everything, taking you from the beach to the bar in comfort and style.

OUR VISION… creating beautiful, easy to wear pieces for women who appreciate luxury. The style ethos behind Akosée is also focused on versatility so we’ve created dresses that can be slipped on with sandals or heels if you desire, kaftans that can be thrown on over bikini’s, jumpsuits and easy to wear cuffed trousers which are ideal holiday essentials if you’re always on-the-go. We’re currently working on a new collection too so there’s lots more to come from AKOSÉE!

I LOVE… finding boutiques that are hidden gems, stocking beautiful quality garments that are not main stream labels. Being from Australia, I’ve always been inspired by the natural beauty there and my collections are constantly inspired by travel after experiencing the beaches of Goa, holidays in the Mediterranean and the atolls of the Indian Ocean. Another love of mine is being outdoors, which is why my collection features luxurious fabrics and elegant styles designed to evoke feelings of long days at the beach and endless summer nights.

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday soon – or you wish you were – we’re sure you’ll love wearing our garments as much as we’ve loved creating them. Keep a look out on the blog as they’ll be more posts coming soon! 

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