Platonic Love, a love for all. The word Platonic is named after the Greek philosopher Plato. A certain closeness and attraction in a purely platonic form. This collection embodies a pure yet whimsical form.

Featuring elegant styles of bias cut slip dresses, wrap dresses, shirt dresses, draped skirts, wrap skirts, matching co-ords and chic beach cover ups, Platonic Dreams is the ultimate summer capsule wardrobe. Made in the most luxurious and natural fabrics, this collection’s understated silhouettes are elevated with the quality of the fabrics. Purely natural fabrics such as sand washed habotai silk, silk cotton blends and linen cotton blends feature heavily as do sustainable fabrics like cupro and modal.

We developed our own unique print for this collection in different hues to tie the collection together. Striking block colours make for a bold statement and Akosée’s own biro print features throughout making mixing prints in different hues a possibility.

There are a complex seven different forms of Platonic Love. Eros, Philia, Storge, Agape, Ludus, Pragma and Philautia. Click the links to see which styles we thought suited these names best.

Pragma Wrap Dress

Pragma Wrap Dress in Blue Biro

Playful, simple but flattering. The Pragma wrap dress works for many occasions beach chic or summer city. A perfect cut in our original Akosée blue biro print super soft modal. ‘Pragma, a practical, reasonable love.’

Pragma Wrap Dress

Pragma Wrap Dress in Claret Cupro

A perfect cut in silky sustainable Claret cupro. ‘Pragma, self worth and seeks worth in others.’

Linen wrap dress

Pragma Wrap Dress in White Cotton Linen

A perfect cut in a classic white cotton linen. ‘Pragma, longevity, shared values.’

Ludus Beach Dress

Ludus Beach Cover Up in Blue Biro

Perfect for the beach or on vacay, the Ludus dress is very relaxed with an adjustable drawstring that sits on the low waist and adjustable shoulder straps for the perfect custom fit. Made in our original Akosée China blue biro print super soft modal. ‘Ludus – a playful love, no commitment.’

Beach cover up

Ludus Beach Cover Up in Red

Made in luxurious sand washed Habotai silk. ‘Ludus – no strings attached.’

Beach cover up

Ludus Beach Cover Up in Navy

Made in a luxurious silk cotton blend. ‘Ludus – poetry, purely for the fun of it.’

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