Amare Stretch Slip Dress with Front Split

$199 $259

The Amare Stretch Slip Dress with front split slips on with adjustable straps and features a small cowl neckline. Reminiscent of a 90s slip dress, the Amare is perfect for casual dressing up.

Size & Fit: Fits true to size, Model is wearing Size S

Made from Healfiber

Composition: 50% Graphene Modal, 50% Cotton

Care: Handwash

Sustainability: Heafiber is a new technical stretch fabric featuring comprising of 50% Graphene Modal and 50% Cotton. Originally derived from corn cob waste, the end result, graphene is one of the strongest, thinnest and most flexible fabrics in textiles.

Graphene is a thermal conductor meaning that in hot climates it will create a cooling effect and in cool climates create a warming effect. The result is cool, comfortable and breathable garments. Anti bacterial and anti odour means less washing and a longer life cycle for each garment.



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