Coelum Draped Asymmetrical T-Shirt Dress with Ruched detail

$199 $259

The Coelum Asymmetrical Draped T-Shirt dress has draped details at the right neckline and sits off the shoulder on the left side. Featuring ruching on the left side of the dress and ruched drawstring detail at the left skirt finished with silver cord ends.

Size & Fit: Fits true to size, Model is wearing Size S

Made from Healfiber

Heafiber is a new technical stretch fabric featuring comprising of 50% Graphene Modal and 50% Cotton. Originally derived from corn cob waste, the end result, graphene is one of the strongest, thinnest and most flexible fabrics in textiles.

Graphene is a thermal conductor meaning that in hot climates it will create a cooling effect and in cool climates create a warming effect. The result is cool, comfortable and breathable garments. Anti bacterial and anti odour means less washing and a longer life cycle for each garment.

Composition: 50% Graphene Modal, 50% Cotton

Care: Handwash


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